His artwork reflects his free view of painting. He attempts to present it simplistically, reflecting a relaxed nature and approach to life. Through strong colors and shapes, he seeks to convey the strength and power of men and women, who end up being one single entity. His work revolves around the study of light. He tries to explore different ways of contrasting tones, in order to enhance the energy of the sun and the beauty of shadows.
-Art gives me the balance in life. Things can be explained up to a certain point, which is exactly the border between logic and art-he says.

The Venezuelan-Portuguese painter, Jorge Goncalves-Romero, in his cycle "City dreams", which is the second of his cycle of "Dreams", presents an open window to interdimensional realm the unconsciousness expressed through intensive colors and fantastic human shapes. In the paintings of Goncalves the universe is not necessarily composed in a linear format, with everything in a neat little row of past, present and future. His universe is a hologram, a multi-faceted gem. Goncalves views the human being with a holistic, holographic way. Color is frequency of light, each color hue and shade vibrate on a specific frequency, that can be used to communicate with intelligences beyond our five senses, from mind to mind, using the emotions. His paintings are like Power or Energy Windows, that produce waves of energy, sensations of heat, that bring the rooms back into a color balance. The art as a creative visualization is a powerful tool for manifesting the desire in life, bringing our spiritual intent forth and grounding it into our physical reality. It combines the physical visual sight and the internal psychic sight.

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