About My Works

My work is around the human being, but as member of the X generation, I have different styles when I use different media and materials. After many years of work, one could say that I have an style on canvas and sand with acrylic, one on canvas and oil, on carpets and mixed techniques, and my speed paintings, which are on heavy paper with ink and acrylic colors.

Featured  Works

Magic Realism

The title of this work is "Family Photo". Present the Latin American magic realism, that is commonly found in the literature. The importance of the mother and of the old people in general, the family clan as a way of living.

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Sleep Walkers

The topic "sleep walkers" started to come in my life when I moved to Europe in 1991, during the Balkan War, Vienna was hosting many refugees, many people that just have the time, almost during the sleep, to take few belongings and initiate a trip into the uncertainty, some times, but not always, accompany with their love ones.